Diabetic Foot


This is commonly found & multisystem complication of diabetes.

It involves neuropathy, cardiac conditions, skin disease, presure points, etc.

          It’s very tough complication of diabetes.


Signs & symptoms :-

  • Heavyness of foot & legs.
  • Unable to control balance on feet.
  • Propioception :- feeling of abscence of legs.
  • Water retention edema ( pitting edema ) to feet.
  • Recurrent bacterial & fungal infection to skin.
  • Small movements & non frequent movement of feet.
  • Pressure points on same area.
  • Sensation loss to skin & Wounds.
  • Smoking habit with diabetes.
  • Not maintaining hyigene.

Treatment of diabetic foot :-  

 By treating the root cause (diabetes) by scientific Ayurvedic procedures & medicines, the neuropathy can be controlled / succesfully treated.

All complication association in diabetic foot should be treated first. Ayurvedic treatments after treating the complications help in improving the functioning of organs & fortification of organs.

Earlier the treatment help; prognosis is good.

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