Diabetic Heart Disease


     Heart disease especially cardiomyopathy is seen in diabetic patients. In this condition heart is not capable to pump the blood in whole body with sufficient pressure.

          Heart disease term includes many condition like stroke, coronary blockages, abnormal contraction of heart, etc but any above condition aggrevating with diabetes is called as diabetic heart disease.


Signs & symptoms :-

  • Long period onset.
  • Asymptomatic progression.
  • Difficulty in physical stress.
  • Dysnoea ( short breathing )
  • Palpitations
  • Chest pain.
  • wlling of legs. ( pitting edema )
  • Oedema all over body.
  • May found fibrotic changes in heart muscle.


Treatment of heart disease :-

          The root disease ( diabetes ) has to be controlled by ayurvedic treatments. The medicines & procedures are prescribed as per condition of heart.

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