Diabetic Skin Disease

The overall immunity of diabetic patient is low; same as the skin also. So these patients are at an increased risk of fungal & bacterial skin diseases.


Signs & symptoms :-

  • Dry skin, itching all over / part of body.
  • Recurrent allergic reaction.
  • Pruritis, recurrent boils.
  • Recurrent stye, chalazion, eyelid diseases, opthalmic infections.
  • Tendancy to get wound even after little harsh contact.
  • Vaginal yeast infections, recurrent & profuse white discharge.
  • White discharge which is not cured by proper gynaec treatments.
  • Red patches on skin.
  • Non healing ulcers on skin.
  • Presence Ganrene.
  • Organ damage starting from skin.

Treatment of skin disease :-

          By treating the root cause (diabetes) by scientific Ayurvedic procedures & medicines, the skin diseases can be controlled / succesfully treated.

          Also skin is fortified by medicines; increasing it’s immunity.

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