Diabetic Nephropathy

It’s a fatal type of complication of diabetes.

          The capilliaries damage kills the NEPHRONS (functional unit of kidneys).

          Over the period of time several nephrons killed & patient lands into chronic kidney failure. This is termed as nephropathy.


Signs & symptoms:-

  • Frequent urination.
  • Symptomless early stage.
  • Loss of appetite, headache.
  • During early stage albuminurea is present. Albumin is detected in urine.
  • Also albumin blood levels are markedly increased.
  • Massive leg swelling are found (fluid retension pitting edema)
  • Reactive oxygen produced in the body is most dangerous to kidneys.

Treatment of nephropathy :-

          The innflammatory phase of kidneys is subsided earlier with the help of ayurvedic treatments, the healthy cells of kidneys are made capable to purify the blood.

          Earlier the treatment, prognosis is good.

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