Diabetic Neuropathy


This is one of the commenest comlcaion of the diabetes.

The nerves of nervous system are affected due to diabetes. In this any type of nerve injury can be found e.g. Mononeuropathy, polyneuropathy, autonomicneuropathy, thoracoabdominal neuropathy, etc.

Actually the nerves are anatomically damaged resulting in neuropathy.

Signs & symptoms:-

  • It affects the organ and/or system according to nerve damage.
  • The damage in later stage is mostly irreversible.
  • Neuropathy is very slowly proliferating complication.
  • Difficulty in balancing.
  • Tingling &numbness of hand or feet.
  • Extra or abnormal sensation (dysesthesia).
  • Facial paralysis.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Urinary incontinence (unable to control urination)
  • fascicultion (unwanted muscle contraction)
  • burning sensation of foot or hands.
  • Sensation loss of foot or hands.
  • It can affect sensorymotor o autonomic nervous system or combination of both.

Treatment of neuropathy :-

          By treating the root cause (diabetes) by scientific Ayurvedic procedures & medicines, the neuropathy can be controlled / succesfully treated.

          Once the the root cause is treated the complications are easy to treat thereafter.

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