Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes affecting / damaging the vision (retina) is retinopathy.


 Retinopathy may be mild or severe. Vision is affected / diminished.

This vision loss may be partial or complete. Also many times vision loss is temporary but it can also lead to permanent loss of vision.


Signs & symptoms :-

  • Black spot in vision. Black spots seen in vision disturbing seeing of objects.
  • The blood vessels on retina are bursts resulting in bleeding in the eyes. (bleeding in vitrous humor)
  • Sudden onset of disease.
  • Ganerally found after 5 to 10 years of diabetes sufferes.
  • If patient also having hypertension ( high B. P.) the risk of retinopathy increases
  • If patient is SMOKER, the risk of retinopathy  increases

There are two stages of retinopathy :-

  1. Non Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy ( NPDR ):-

There are small microaneurysms (bleeding spots) on retina. Damage is started at this stage but the patient may be sympomatic or asymptomatic.

  1. Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy ( PDR):-

This is advanced stage of retinopathy & it’s more dangerous.

Several small tiny, immature, fragile blood vessels are formed on retina. These tin vessels bursts & bleed resulting in blurring of vision. If the bleeding is more vision is obstructed. It can lead to vision loss also.

This bleeding is recurrent in nature so the vision loss is progressive  & permanent loss of vision found ( blindness ).


Treatment of retinopathy :-

          Firstly the progression of vision loss is to be stopped by ayurvedic treatments. Once the vision loss is stopped, the retina is fortified by ayurvedic procedures.

          This is the only teatment for the retinopathy. Others are only temporary they can’t stop the recurrence of retinopathy.

          If the diabetes patients earlier starts the treatment in NPDR stage he can be cured competely very earlier.

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