Now-a-days the most popular word in society is ALLERGY. Everyone many times talk about allergy.

What is allergy- hypersensitivity of the immune system to something in the environment is called allergy.

Many times allergy is non significant also not disturbing our daily routiene so we are relax.

But some allergies can be fatal. Almost everyone is heard of penicillin Injection allergy resulting in death. 


Common facts & allergy symptoms: 

  1. Red eyes, Itching of eyes.
  2. Itching,Dryness of skin.
  3. Runny nose, Allergic rhinitis, irritation of nose, sneezing.
  4. Swelling over skin, Rashes over skin.
  5. Shortness of breath, Coughing, Wheezing during respiration.
  6. Abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, Diarrhoea.
  7. Contact Dermatitis due to skin touch of allergen, swelling & inflammation of skin.
  8. Insect bite can cause allergy to skin making it red, swollen, itchy path.
  9. Anyone can have allergy to any substance e.g. many people have allergy to milk, eggs, peanuts, etc which are the food items of our society.
  10. Urticariais the most suffered disease in society.
  11. Papules, Vesicles, Blisters, streaking over skin.
  12. Multisystem failure also causes due to allergy, it’s called as ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION causing DEATH.
  13. Identical twins may have same allergy.
  14. Sometimes Parents having allergies have children having allergies( herditory).
  15. If u not suffering from any allergy today but you may feel allergy at any time in life.
  16. Today’s Allergen (allergy causing substance) may not give you allergy next time.
  17. Today’s non-allergen can cause you allergy in future.
  18. Generally Young people are more suffering from allergies.
  19. Many chemicals cause allergies.
  20. Many medicinal chemicals like antibiotics, proteins, cause allergy.
  21. People living in industrial areas are more sufferers of allergy.
  22. People living in most hygienic areas, seen suffering from many allergy.
  23. Overstress for long period of time leads the patient to suffer allergy.
  24. Allergic reactions are Acute in nature- causing early reactions.
  25. Most of the time patient himself have to find out allergen.


Treatment of Allergy :-

          By treating the root cause & improving immunity by scientific Ayurvedic procedures &medicines, the allergies can be controlled / successfully treated.

          Once the the root cause is treated the complications are easy to treat thereafter.

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