Goutis being familiar disease to us now-a-days. Joint pain is the main characteristic of this diseases.

In this generally small joints are affected first.

This disease is due to prolonged indigestion in most of the cases. Daily excessive protein rich diet may lead to gout.


Common facts & symptoms:- 

  1. Gout is due to elevated levels of uric acid in the blood.
  2. Recurrent, Tender, hot & swollen small joint.
  3. Joint pain recurs very early.
  4. The joint of big toe of one leg or bilateral is affected most times.
  5. Raised uric acid can also result in kidneystones, or Nephropathy
  6. Daily excessive protein rich diet may lead to gout.
  7. Uric acid crystals deposit in joints & surrounding tissues giving burning pain.
  8. Non vegetarian people are more suffering from gout.
  9. People with long term indigestion also suffer from gout.
  10. Big toe is mostly affected in gout.
  11. Also heel, knees, wrist, fingers, or big joints may also suffer after some months.
  12. The joint pain is acute & recurrent in nature.
  13. There may be hard, painless deposits of uric acid crystals deposits near joint.
  14. Alcohol, Seafood, Meat, Carbonated drinks, Other protein rich food daily, leads to gout.
  15. In some cases it may be found genetic also.
  16. Gout most times found with High BP, Obesity, Kidney Failure, Psoriasis,etc
  17. Common medicines like Aspirin, Beta blocker may increase uric acid/ Gout.
  18. Chronic gout can destruct joints, Deform them.
  19. Avoid market plain Protein powders.
  20. Avoid meat, alcohols. 


Treatment of Gout :-

          By treating the root cause & improving immunity by scientific Ayurvedic procedures & medicines, the allergies can be controlled / successfully treated.

          Once the the root cause is treated the complications are easy to treat thereafter.

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