The commonest term in our society & day-to-day life. About 40% people are suffering from severe indigestion. As per Many sciences indigestion is the root cause of many diseases.

Starting from just Acidity there are many forms of indigestion. Many people ignore the symptoms of indigestion. But may it feel very small problems but it may lead to very severe conditions also.

Gastritis is the most common & chronic problem of indigestion.

The lifestyles most people following now-a-days is the main cause of indigestion. Fast food, Irregular timings of meal, Insufficient food, Overeating, Spicy food, Eating only one type of food, Sleeplessness, Anxiety, Depression, Over expectations, No timing for eating, Sleeping just after meal, Use of artificial containers, Frequent use of carbonated drinks, Eating late night, Eating of Non seasonal fruits, Quantaminated food, Protein reach diet, Perished food items, Non-cooked food, Strange combinations of food items, Over cooked food, Frequently heating the food after cooking, Non fresh food, Eating meal cooked before 8 hours, there are several such reasons for indigestion, we have to eliminate if we are following anyone of them.


The symptoms of indigestion are as follows:

  1. Heartburn.
  2. Belching.
  3. Nausea, Vomitting.
  4. Upper abdominal Pain.
  5. Early fullness of stomach while eating even a small quantity of food.
  6. Anxiety & Distress.
  7. Abdominal tenderness.
  8. Burning sensation of abdomen.
  9. Burning sensation of oesophagus.
  10. Chest pain, Palpitation.
  11. Headache, Giddiness.
  12. Due to overeating habbits.
  13. Severe sweating.


 The severe problems of indigestion are:

  1. Peptic ulcer disease.
  2. Duodenal Ulcer.
  3. Gastroparesis.
  4. Chronic pancreatitits.
  5. Cholelithiasis.
  6. Pancreatic Ulcer.
  7. H Pylori
  8. Gastro esophageal reflux disease(GERD).


 One should never ignore the indigestion. If there is frequency of indigestion it should be early corrected with the help of medicine and lifestyle changes.

Ayurveda sciences is most practical approach regarding indigestion. Seasonal food items are also mentioned. The Ayurveda drugs are most effective for indigestion. Ayurveda science stresses more for digestion correction as indigestion is the door to many diseases.

During treatment of many diseases indigestion have to be corrected  firstly.

So indigestion though looking small problem but is very important to correct it. Indigestion is verychronic problems & needs much time to correct it so always be early.

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