Psoriasis is aautoimmumne means self destructing disease affecting skin.

Common facts & Symptoms:

  1. The cause of psoriasis is not known in any health science in the world.
  2. This a autoimmune ( self destructive ) disease.
  3. Many times psoriatic plaques start from scalp. Flakes from hairs are considered as Dandruff.
  4. But if there is chronicity of dandruff patients should consult for it.
  5. It causes physical discomfort.
  6. Sleep disturbed in many patients.
  7. Skin in some areas or all over body becomes abnormal.
  8. Skin becomes scaly.
  9. The skin turns red, silvery patches.
  10. Itching of skin is severe, Pain is also associated at patches.
  11. There is no exact cause for psoriasis. But environment change is one.
  12. Hereditary is strong in patients.
  13. Continuous mental stress worsens the psoriasis.
  14. Patients having psoriasis are having Psychological Depression.
  15. These patient maintain isolation on their own.
  16. Psoriasis is NOT contagious.
  17. Chronic skin infections may lead to psoriasis.
  18. Diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, High blood pressure are many times associated with Psoraisis.
  19. Extreme climates like cold, heat create nuisance to patient.
  20. Addictions like tobacco, smoking, Alcohol increases psoriatic patches.
  21. Patients with low immunity like HIV / AIDS, TUBERCULOSIS,etc are more prone to psoriasis.
  22. Psoriasis is nothing but abnormal production of skin cells resulting in over abundance of skin cell.
  23. These newly cells are not normal; inflammatory response is the immediate reaction.
  24. Newly formed skin cells are immature.

Treatment of Psoriasis :-The unknown cause of psoriasis makes it very difficult to treat early. Psoriasis needs very comprehensive approach for treatment. The root cause is treated as per Ayurveda still during treatment symptomatic treatment is also needed. Associated systemic diseases also need treatment.

There are good results for psoriasis by Ayurveda treatment.

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