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As per ayurveda there are two types of treatments :-

  1. Shaman
  2. Shodhan

Shaman treatment is used when there is small amount of dosha are vitiated or there is only physiological disturbances or the disease is sukhasadhya as per ayurveda.

Shodhana is mostly used when the disease is very old, powerful or many doshas are accumulated in the body so as not responding to shaman treatment.

Also combination of shaman & shodhana treatment helps in good & early healing, reguvenating.

Also shodhana treatment is indicated in normal & healthy individuals; for wellbeing.

The shodhana  treatment mostly used as follows it’s also called as panchakarma.

There are five main karma (processes) ; so called as panchakarma. It’s a very deep, practical science. Expertise is needed to execute these processes.


The panchakarmas are


  1. VAMAN :-  with the help of snehana swedan medicated vomiting process done. Mostly kapha dosha vyadhis are indicated for vamang., skin disorder, old allergic problems, sinusitis, asthma, high B.P., high cholesterol.

It’s mostly done in Vasant rutu


  1. VIRECHAN :- Ayurvedic medicinal purgatives are given to the patients as per digestion capacity. Mostly pittaj vyadhi are indicated for virechan. E.g. indigestion, acidiy, hyperacidity, allergic skin diseases, depression, mental disorders, etc.

It’s mostly done in Sharad rutu.


  1. BASTI :- This is supposed to be one of the most important karma. Medicated oils or decoctions are introduced in the rectum. It’s mostly the chikitsa for vat dosha. E.g. paralysis, facial paralysis, recurrent headache, dryness, nervous disorders.

It’s mostly done in Vasha rutu.


  1. NASYA :- instillation of medicated oils / ghee through nasal route is termed a nasya. Nasal route is the main route for the disease of mind & diseases pertaining to head region. Nasya is mostly used to cure e.g. diseases of sense organs, depression, later stage of sinusitis, spondylosis, horseness of voice, epilepsy, parkinsonism, anxiety, stiffness of neck, hair problems, etc.

It can be done in any rutu as per patient.  


      5. RAKTAMOKSHANA :- it also termed as blood letting. Mostly the impurities of blood are lowered through this process. It is done by two methods.


  • JALAUKA ( Leech application ) :- mostly; for pitta dushit rakta, leeches are used. Also when there is local skin patch; jalauka are used.
  • SYRINGING METHOD :- when the blood in the whole body is affected by vitiated doshas; syringing method is recommended.

Raktamokashan is used in diseases e.g. stomatitis, herpes zoaster, glaucoma, pruritis, itching, skin disorders, burning sensation in whole body / bodypart.


  • The panchakarma process is done in three stages.
  • Poorvakarma ( prepatory methods ),
  • Pradhankarma ( main processes ),
  • Paschatkarma ( do’s after panchakarma )

 Poorvakarma ( prepatory methods ) :- mostly there are two procedures done


  1. Snehana ( internal & / or External oleation ) :- this is nothing but the medicated oil massage of whole body. It helps doshas to be separated from the healthy tissues or organs. Also the direction of doshas is set as from periphery to central part of the body i.e. Gastro intestinal tract.

Skin is also benefited & mind is rejuvenated due to shehana.

Internally – as like massage; some oils / ghee are given orally in varying doses as per patient & disease. Especially before vaman & virechana procedure internal snehana is given.


  1. Swedana :- it’s a sweating process, purposefully done by the steam of ayurvedic herbs. Mostly it is immediate step after snehana but separately can also be done.

Swedana helps the doshas & toxins to liquefy & come to central part of the body i.e.  g. i. tract


UPAKARMAS ( Other karmas )

As like main five procedures there are many other procedures done. Some of them are


  1. Shirodhara :- this treatment is site specific i.e. forehead, so said as shirodhara. Medicated oils / buttermilk / decoctions, etc are are poured in a single stream on forehead.

Shirodhara is useful in many diseases e.g. insomnia, depression, paralysis, vataj headache, trigeminal neuralgia, hemicrania, deafness, skin diseases, hair / scalp diseases, neurological problems.


  1. Shiropichu / Shirotarpan / Shirobasti :- in these processes oil / ghee filled cotton is put on head. Or with the help of flour and head shaped steel or plasic pot; oil / decoction is held on head for some time.

The benefits of shiropichu & shirotarpan are same as shirodhara.


  1. Janudhara :- medicated warm oil / decoction is poured in single stream on knee joint so it is called as janudhara. It helps in knee joint diseases e.g. osteo arthritis involving knee joint, ligament injury to knee joint, patella femoral joint pain, knee injuries.


  1. Janutarpan :- with the help of black gram flour, a wall is made around the knee and warm medicated oil, etc placed over the knee. The benefits are same as janudhara.


  1. Manyabasti :- medicated oil ,etc are plced over neck regionfor some particular timings with help of flour wall, so is called as manya basti. It helps in cervical region diseases e.g. cervical spondylosis, stiffnes of neck, vertebral problems, strengthning of neck.


  1. Katibasti :- medicated oil, etc placed over lumbosacral region for particular time, with the help of flour wall, is known as katibasti. It helps in lumbosacral atrea diseases e.g. lumber spondylosis, backache, intervertebral disc protrussion, degenerative disc diseases, lumber tension, slip disc, sciatica, etc.


  1. Netratarpan :- The highly powerful procedure which rejuvenates the eyes. The paste of gram is applied around the eyes which looks like a dam. The medicated ghee is then poured in the eyes for a time according to the diseased condition. The active ingredients of the ghee medicine start the regeneration process and the vision is restored, this unique ayurvedic treatment for eyes.


  1. Pizinchil :- warm medicated oil pouring on body in streams, with simultaneous massage is called as pizichil. This process is a combination of snehana & swedana process. It’s most soothing & relaxing. It rejuvenates the body.


  1. Pindasweda :- with the help of a pinda ( medicated material filled in a cotton bag), warmth is given on body locally or all over the body, is called as panda sweda. It helps in mant diseases e.g. joint pains, spasms, edema, congestions, etc. Especially Rice pinda sweda is very nourishing.


  1. Uttarbasti :- specific medicated & sterile oil / decoction / ghee, etc administered in urethra or vaginal canal, it’s uttarbasti.
  • In males – urethral route.
  • In females – urethral / vaginal route.
  • Uttarbasti helps in many diseases e.g. urethral stricture, early menopause, polycystic ovarion disease ( PCOD / PCOS ), fallopian tube blockages, cervical mucus defect, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease ( P. I. D.).


  1. Agnikarma :- instant pain relief karma is agnikarma. Application of heat with the help of metal shalaka, is Agnikarma. This is nothing but the therapeutic burns. It helps in mascular pain, ligament stiffness, joint pain, corns, sciatica, etc


  1. Gandush / kaval :- decoctions or medicated oils / ghee when hold in mouth for some time or gargles are done then it is called as gandush.

           Gandush helps in lips, teeth, mouth diseases, facial paralysis, ear, nose, eye diseases.

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