It also termed as blood letting. Mostly the impurities of blood are lowered through this process. It is done by two methods.

1. JALAUKA ( Leech application ) :- mostly; for pitta dushit rakta, leeches are used. Also when there is local skin patch; jalauka are used.
2. SYRINGING METHOD :- when the blood in the whole body is affected by vitiated doshas; syringing method is recommended.

Raktamokashan is used in diseases e.g. stomatitis, herpes zoaster, glaucoma, pruritis, itching, skin disorders, burning sensation in whole body / bodypart.

As per device usage there are eight types:-

1. Syringing
2. Jalauka
3. Shrung
4. Alabu
5. Suchivedh
6. Ghatiyantra
7. Pracchan karma ( multiple incisions )
8. Vigharshan ( scrapping ).

Benefits of Raktamokshana :-

  • All organs & systems are benefited.
  • Vitiated & abnorma pitta & kapha dosha in blood are reduced.
  • Local circulation of blood in body parts is accelerated.
  • The diseases which are not responding to oral medications are benefited by raktamokshana.

Indications of Raktamokshana :-

  • Recurrent stomatitits, Submucos fibrosis.
  • Burning sensation of feet, local bodypart.
  • Calcanial spur / pain, heel pain.
  • Sciatica.
  • Tubeculosis of knee.
  • Goitre.
  • Spleenomegaly, liver cirrhosis.
  • Hydrocele,
  • Epilepsy.
  • Redness of eyes.
  • Glaucoma – raised pressure of eyes.
  • Herpes zoaster.
  • Abdominal or other cyst, cellulitis.
  • All skin disease, discolouration of skin.
  • Itching, priritis, non healing ulcers.
  • Frequent thirst.
  • Indigestion.
  • Metallic or salty taste in mouth.
  • Burning sensation of body / bodypart.
  • Gout, inflammation of joints.
  • Recurrent boils, cellulitis, etc.
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